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Cohen, Henri

water polo

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Cohen was a member of the Belgian water polo team at the 1900 Paris Olympics, the first time the sport was included in the Olympic program. Although it was an exhibition event that year and only club teams were allowed to compete (Cohen was a member of Club Natation in Brussels), water polo has the distinction of being the first Olympic team sport. Cohen and the Belgian team lost to Great Britain in the final, 7-2, and were awarded the silver medal. As an important distinction in the Olympic rules, medals are awarded in an exhibition sport, whereas in demonstration sports, no medals are awarded. At the 1900 Games, water polo was an exhibition sport; and therefore, medals were awarded, whereas soccer was a demonstration sport and no medals were awarded.

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Jewish Sports Legends: The International Jewish Sports Hall of Fame, by Joseph Siegman (Washington, D.C.: Brassey's, 2000)