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Jews In Sports Online tells the largely underappreciated story of Jewish athletes, from the famous to the unknown. The American Jewish Historical Society presents this digital archival record of the proud legacy of Jewish athletes, and how each one's accomplishments in the world of sports reflected on his or her particular society and era.

Can you name a Jewish Olympic gymnast who won 10 medals in 3 Olympiads during the 1940s and 1950s? (Agnes Keleti) Can you name a Jewish southpaw who hurled two no-hitters but who never pitched for the Dodgers? (Ken Holtzman) Did you know that one of Spain's most celebrated bullfighters, lavishly praised by Ernest Hemingway, was a Jewish boy from Brooklyn? (Sidney Franklin) What Olympic swimmer from Hungary broke 10 world records, 5 Olympic records, and an amazing 107 Hungarian National records? ((Eva Szekely) Were you aware that one of the greatest athletes of the nineteenth century -- an All-American in both football and baseball, later a great coach in both sports and a member of the Football Hall of Fame --was a blond, blue-eyed Jewish Ivy Leaguer from Princeton? (Phil King) Can you identify a Jewish Olympic wrestler who competed for a dozen years without ever losing a match? (Henry Wittenberg) Or a Jewish pitcher who pitched in the Mexican Leagues under the name of Pablo Garcia? (Syd Cohen)

You will experience all of this, and substantially more, as you keep clicking. The Web site is a new one and thus still under construction. At present, some sports are more complete than others, but we continue to update current information, with the help of scholarly articles and information from whomever sends us questions and comments. We are adding a "Tell Us" section, a multilingual chat room, and a bulletin board, and are also constantly adding data, visuals, interviews, photos, videos, radio, and other multimedia elements. We will also bring your attention to books, articles, and films; for instance, click here to learn about Aviva Kempner's film The Life and Times of Hank Greenberg. This way, we will be able to provide the most innovative, comprehensive, up-to-date, accessible, and entertaining, Web site of Jews In Sports Online.


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