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Krukover, Daniella

Daniella Yael Krukover


Country Represented:

Years Competed:
2000, 2004

Olympic Info:
An Israeli citizen, Krukova was born in Argentina and competed for that country in women's judo at the 2000 Sydney Olympics. After winning one of two bouts in the preliminary round of the 70-kg women's judo competition, she was eliminated from the competition after losing in the second round to silver medalist Kate Howey of England.

Krukover initially tried to make the Argentinian National team in the 63-kg class, but missed out on a spot, so moved up to 70-kg. She emigrated to Argentina from Israel ten months before the Olympics and told the Jerusalem Post before the Games, "Officially I'm representing Argentina. But, I also feel like I'm representing Israel."

Krukover represented Argentina in the 2004 Athens Games in the under-63 kilograms class. Daniella's first match was held on August 16 against Bok Hee Lee of South Korea. After no score in the first five minutes of regulation time, Krukover was awarded a Koka in the golden score period, and won the encounter. The judoka advanced to the quarterfinal where she met Lucie Decosse of France. At the end of regulation, the two contestants were tied at one Yuko apiece. Once again the Argentine judoka triumphed with a Koka 1:32 minutes into the golden period. She was paired up against the Japanese judoka Ayumi Tanimoto in the Group A final, where a victory would guarantee a medal. Tanimoto was extremely aggressive from the start and won a quick Yuko within 19 seconds. After 1:24 minutes, the Japanese judoka lunged at Krukover and pinned her for a Waza-ari. Unfortunately, the Argentine dislocated her elbow in the process and was forced to forfeit the match. Daniella finished 5th overall, as she was unable to compete for the bronze medal.

Career Highlights:
At the 2002 South American Championships, Krukover won the silver medal in the 63-kg class. She previously finished fifth in the same weight class at the 2001 Pan American Games.

Competing for Argentina, Krukover became the 63-kg class world champion in 2003.

Birth and Death Dates:
b. Jan. 6, 1975

Buenos Aires, Argentina

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Jewish Sports Review November/December 2000 issue (Volume 2, Number 9, Issue 22)