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Bloch, Garen


Country Represented:
South Africa

Years Competed:

Olympic Info:
Bloch was a member of the South African cycling team at the 2000 Sydney Olympics, and competed in the 1-km time trial. He qualified for the finals and finished in eighth place (1:04.478).

Career Highlights:
Bloch, whose older brother Sean Bloch competed at the 1992 Olympics, holds 16 National titles and four South African records. Garen was named Maccabi Sportsman of the Year from 1994-96, and finished in third place in the points race at the 1997 World Cup in Columbia. He placed second in 1999.

Birth and Death Dates:
b. Sept. 6, 1978

Johannesburg, South Africa

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Jewish Sports Review November/December 2000 issue (Volume 2, Number 9, Issue 22)