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Bloch, Sean


Country Represented:
South Africa

Years Competed:

Olympic Info:
Bloch was a member of the South African cycling team at the 1992 Barcelona Olympics; the country had not been represented in the sport at the Olympics since 1960. Competing in two events, Sean first participated in the individual time trial event and finished in 26th place with a time of 1:10.145 (the gold medalist had a time of 1:03.342). Bloch then competed in the individual sprint event and finished 22nd in the preliminaries with a time of 12.186. He lost to Frederic Magne of France in the second round, and was then eliminated from the competition by Ainars Kiksis of Latvia in his consolation race.

Career Highlights:
During his career, Bloch held South African National Cycling records in the 500-meter individual time trial (both junior and senior), the 1000-meter individual time trial (senior), the flying 200-meter time trial (senior), and the individual pursuit (junior). His younger brother Garen Bloch, who competed in the 2000 Olympics, broke most of Sean's records in the late 1990s.

Birth and Death Dates:

South Africa

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