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Gal, Udi


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Olympic Info:
Gal and his partner Gideon Kliger were not at their best in the first race of the 470 model event in the 2004 Games. The duo came in 19th with a final time of 2:33. They did better in the second race, coming in 13th on a 2:33 performance. The Israeli's kicked off the second day with a good performance in the third race. The twosome came in sixth, clocking in at 1:04 in the third race. In the fourth race, they came in 8th, clocking in at 2:32. The fifth race, held on August 17, was Kliger and Gal's weakest yet. They finished 24th with a particularly weak time of 7:13. The winds that had troubled the Israeli duo in the last few races died down, and they did much better in the calmer seas. Gal and Kliger finished fifth in their seventh race with an impressive time of 1:04. Their 8th race was a mediocre 11th place finish (1:43) which had led them dangerously far from the top. The Israeli team had abandoned hope of winning a medal thanks to their performance on August 19. They sailed in the ninth and tenth races, out of eleven, and finished 23rd (7:21) and 12th (1:21) respectively. The Israeli's failed to improve in their eleventh and final race as they placed 15th (2:16), and ranked 13th in the final reckoning.

Udi Gal was the more extroverted half of the promising Israeli 470 model Olympic sailing team in 2004 along with Gideon Kliger. The teammates seemed to hit their stride at just the right moment but faltered a bit recently. Still, they were considered a good bet for an Olympic medal. When asked about their medal prospects, Gal glibly replied "we'll win something."

Career Highlights:
Udi has competed with Gideon Kliger from the very start of his international career, and the two have become a formidable pair. In 1998 they won the European Youth Championship and created a major buzz. In 2001 they proved they are major players on the senior circuit as well, finishing second in the European Championship in Ireland. In 2002 and 2003 they came close to capturing a World Championship medal but finished fourth and fifth respectively. Another fifth place finish and victory in a tournament in Barcelona placed Kliger and Gal among the favorites in Athens.

Birth and Death Dates:
b. June 6, 1979

Tel-Aviv, Israel

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