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Manuel, Moxie

Mark Garfield Manuel

Manuel pitched for two seasons in the big leagues: for the Washington Senators in 1905, and for the Chicago White Sox in 1908.

Birth and Death Dates:
b. October 16, 1881 - d. April 26, 1924

Career Highlights:
The son of a German Jewish immigrant, Manuel was born in Illinois. In 1903, at the age of 22, he began his baseball career in the Cotton States League with Vickburg. Mostly a pitcher, he played the outfield in games he did not pitch. Ambidextrious, Manuel told a reporter in the 1900s that he could, "...slam over with one hand as good as with another. When a right-handed batter is at the plate, I serve 'em with my right hand. When a left-handed batter is at the plate, I become a southpaw. That keeps 'em all guessing."

Although Moxie never had the opportunity to pitch with both hands in the major -- he was listed as right-handed -- he did pitch both halves of a double-header in the Southern Association, one game with his right and one with his left hand. In 1905, he also pitched both halves of a double-header while with Baton Rouge in the Cotton States League. That season, he played briefly in the majors with the Washington Senators and appeared in three games.

Two years later, Manuel again pitched both halves of a double-header and shut out Birmingham while with the New Orleans Pelicans. Both games ended 1-0, and Moxie allowed only eight total hits while striking out 11 and without walking a single batter! According to the Big Book of Jewish Baseball, this amazing feat was during a 58-inning shutout streak that set a Southern Association record (Southern Association expert Art Schott has the figure at 47 consecutive scoreless innings).

In 1908, Manuel was signed by the Chicago White Sox. During his second stint in the majors, Moxie appeared in 18 games (including six starts), and had a record of 3-4 with a 3.28 ERA and one save. He allowed no home runs in 60.1 innings pitched that year. After the season, he returned to the minors and pitched in the Southern Association, the Union Association, and the Central Association He retired from baseball in 1913 and became a clerk.

Career Dates:
Manuel played for the Washington Senators in 1905, and the Chicago White Sox in 1908.


Physical description:
5'11", 170 pounds

Career Statistics:
Wins: 3
Losses: 4
Winning pct.: .429

ERA: 3.58

Games: 21
Games Started: 7
Complete Games: 4

Innings Pitched: 70.1
Hits Allowed: 61
Bases-on-Balls: 28
Strike Outs: 28

Shut-outs: 0

Relief Pitching
Wins: 2
Losses: 1
Saves: 1

At-bats: 20
Hits: 2
Home Runs: 0
Batting Average: .100

Fielding Statistics
Put-outs: 4
Assists: 27
Errors: 5
Double Plays: 1

Total Chances per Game: 1.7
Fielding avg: .861

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