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Kling, Bill

William Kling

The brother of legendary catcher Johnny Kling, Bill won his major league debut pitching for the Phillies in 1891. He went 4-3 that season, but Philadelphia cut him over a salary dispute. He pitched for Baltimore the next season, and then for Louisville (also of the National League) in 1895. Both Bill and Johnny have been mistakenly listed as Jewish because Johnny married a Jewish woman and never denied rumors that he was Jewish. In fact, both Bill and Johnny were Lutheran.

Birth and Death Dates:
January 14, 1867 -- August 26, 1934

Career Highlights:
In his outstanding minor league career, he played almost every position. In his first season of professional baseball, he won 21 games for the minor league team in Rockford, Illinois.

Career Dates:
1891-2, 1895

Pitcher. In the minors, though, he played nearly every position.

Physical description:
6'0", 190 lbs. Right-handed thrower who batted lefty.

Career Statistics:
Wins: 4
Losses: 4
Winning pct.: .500

ERA: .517

Games: 15
Games Started: 9
Complete Games: 4

Innings Pitched: 87
Hits Allowed: 107
Bases-on-Balls: 40
Strike Outs: 33

Shut-outs: 0

Relief Pitching
Wins: 0
Losses: 0
Saves: 0

At-bats: 36
Hits: 7
Home Runs: 0
Batting Average: .194

Fielding Statistics
Put-outs: 1
Assists: 15
Errors: 1
Double Plays: 0

Total Chances per Game: 1.1
Fielding avg: .941

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