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Goodman, Aubrey

Aubrey Louis Goodman

Goodman played collegiate ball at Baylor and the University of Chicago (leading both squads to conference championships) before playing one game in the NFL with the Chicago Cardinals in 1927.

Birth and Death Dates:
b. February 18, 1904 - d. March 7, 1972

Career Highlights:
After lettering at Baylor University from 1921-1923, helping the 1922 team win the Southwestern Conference championship, Goodman transferred to the University of Chicago. He helped lead the 1924 Chicago team to the Western Conference title (predecessor of the Big Ten) and was named All-Western Conference honorable mention.

In 1926, Goodman joined the Chicago Bulls of the AFL, a new league started by Red Grange's agent to allow Grange to play in New York. Goodman's Bulls (5-6-3) were one of only four teams to survive the entire season as the other franchises folded. At the end of the year, the owners had no money to pay the players and the league folded. In 1927, Goodman played one game for the Chicago Cardinals in NFL.

Lott, Texas

Career Dates:
Goodman played tackle at Baylor University from 1921-1923, and at the University of Chicago in 1924. He then played as a tackle and end in the American Football League with the Chicago Bulls in 1926, and as a tackle in the NFL with the Chicago Cardinals in 1927.

Physical description:
6'3", 225 pounds

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