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Satenstein, Ollie

Bernard Oliver Satenstein

After a terrific college career at NYU (New York University), Ollie played five seasons in the NFL and is the only Jewish player to play for the Staten Island Stapletons for all four years of the franchise's existence in the NFL (1929-1932). After retiring from professional football, Satenstein coached athletics at Mount Vernon High School (located in Westchester Country, just north of New York City), and became a salesman for liquor distributors.

Without proper dressing rooms, Satenstein and the rest of the Stapletons had to suit up in sheds just outside the fence at Thompson Stadium (their home field). The Stapleton's owner had a restaurant next door to the stadium and the players frequently spent time with their fans there. Although the Stapletons could not compete economically with the New York Giants and folded after the 1932 season, the team held a special place in the hearts of those diehard fans on Staten Island.

Birth and Death Dates:
b. 1906 - d. April 20, 1959

Career Highlights:
Satenstein played two seasons at NYU in the late 1920s. After a 7-1-2 season in 1927 (where they outscored their opponents 345-65), the Violets were the mythical Eastern champions in 1928 with a record of 8-2-0.

After graduating in 1929, Ollie played four seasons in the NFL with the Staten Island Stapletons. The Stapletons never finished better than sixth and had a combined record of 14-22-9.

In 1933, Satenstein finally joined a winner, playing in nine games for the 11-3-0 Eastern Conference champion New York Giants; one of Ollie's teammates was All-NFL quarterback Harry Newman. In the first-ever NFL Championship game, the Giants lost to the Chicago Bears, 23-21, in a contest that went down to the wire. Ollie retired after the 1933 season, having played in 49 career NFL games.

New York

Career Dates:
Satenstein played guard at New York University from 1927-1928. He then played as a guard, tackle, and defensive end in the NFL with the Staten Island Stapletons from 1929-1932, and with the New York Giants in 1933.

Physical description:
6'0", 213 pounds

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