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Sohn, Benny

Ben Sohn

Not to be confused with Ben Sohn, a guard at USC University of Southern California from 1939-1941, this Benny Sohn played as a back at the University of Washington in the early 1930s.

Birth and Death Dates:
b. November 18, 1911 - d. November 1969

Career Highlights:
Sohn played two seasons at the University of Washington. In 1931, the Huskies finished the season with a record of 5-3-1 and outscored their opponents 166-83. The following year, they improved to 6-2-2 and outscored their opponents 193-56.

In 1934, Sohn played two games for the Cincinnati Reds, who began the season 0-8-0 before moving mid-season to St. Louis and finishing the year as the St. Louis Gunners. Although he did not last long in the NFL, according to an article in the Cincinnati Post, Sohn, "proved to be the most accurate swineskin hurler on the lot" during his brief stint with the hapless Reds. Benny initially got a shot at quarterback because he told the coach he would play for free if given the chance.

Chicago, Illinois

Career Dates:
Sohn played as a back at the University of Washington from 1931-1932. He then played in the NFL as a wingback, defensive back, fullback, and linebacker for the Cincinnati Reds in 1934.

Physical description:
5'8", 170 pounds

Career Statistics:
In the NFL:
Games: 2
Rushes: 1
Rushing yards: 7

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