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Shaub, Harry

Shaub was an All-America guard at Cornell University and played professionally in the 1930s.

Birth and Death Dates:
b. July 15, 1911 - d. April 22, 1988

Career Highlights:
Shaub played guard at Cornell in the early 1930s and was named Andy Kerr All-America in 1933. Cornell had a combined record of 16-6-1 during Harry's three year career.

After graduating in 1934, Shaub played one game in the NFL with the Philadelphia Eagles (2-9-0) in 1935. The following year, Shaub played for the Rochester Tigers in the newly-formed American Football League. The AFL (no relation to the other leagues of the same name) was started by Dr. Harry March, a former New York Giants official, as a "player's league," but lasted only two seasons due to lack of finances and low attendance.

In 1936, Rochester finished in fifth place with a record of 1-6-0. One of Shaub's Rochester teammates was Izzy Ginsberg.

New York

Career Dates:
Shaub played guard at Cornell University from 1931-1933. He then played guard in the NFL with the Philadelphia Eagles in 1935 and played guard in the AFL for the Rochester Tigers in 1936.

Physical description:
5'7", 215 pounds

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