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Weinberg, Henry

Weinberg was a lineman at Duquesne and played in the NFL with the Pittsburgh Pirates in the 1930s.

Birth and Death Dates:
b. March 4, 1910 - d. October 31, 1992

Career Highlights:
Weinberg was an outstanding lineman at Duquense (coached by Elmer Layden, one of Notre Dame's famed Four Horsemen) in the early 1930s. In 1933, the Dukes won their first eight games of the year allowing only twenty points in those games and shuttin out five opponents. After losing to Pitt (and All-America fullback Izzy Weinstock) in the ninth game of the year 7-0, Duquesne rebounded to win their final regular season game.

On January 1, 1934, Duquesne faced the Miami Hurricanes in Miami for the Palm Classic (the following year the Orange Bowl became the official bowl in Miami). After a scoreless first half, Duquesne took a 12-7 lead in the fourth quarter and then blew the game wide open. The Dukes wore down the Hurricanes in the fourth quarter, scoring a total of 27 points in the final stanza to win the game, 33-7.

After playing at Duquesne, Weinberg spent one season in the NFL with the Pittsburgh Pirates (now the Steelers). In 1934, the second year of the franchise's existence, Weinberg played eight games on the offensive line. That year, the team had a pathetic record of 2-10-0, fifth in the NFL East. One of Weinberg's teammates on the Pirates was Jim Levey, who played professional baseball as well.

Mt. Pleasant, Pennsylvania

Career Dates:
Weinberg played guard at Duquesne University from 1931-1933. He then played guard and tackle in the NFL with the Pittsburgh Pirates in 1934.

Physical description:
5'7", 190 pounds

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