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Cohn, Julius "Dutz"

After playing for the Kansas freshman football team in 1905, Cohn made the varsity the following year and was named All-Southwest honorable mention. Unfortunately, Dutz was forced to give up playing football because of his school work. In 1908, the school magazine The Jawhawker noted: "...He used to to play football, but found it necessary to discontinue that part of his course...Of late he has lived the simple life, and his course has run smooth and unperturbed. His religious affiliations will prevent him being President." After graduating from Kansas, Cohn attended Yale law school and moved to Portland, Oregon in 1910 where he became a judge.

Birth and Death Dates:
b. October 10, 1886 - d. February 18, 1954

Career Highlights:
In 1905, Cohn made the University of Kansas freshman football team and played guard and tackle. The next year, he played tackle and was named All-Southwest honorable mention. In 1906, as a sophomore, Cohn played tackle for Kansas, which had a record of 6-2-2, and Dutz was again named All-Southwest honorable mention.

Fort Scott, Kansas

Career Dates:
Cohn played at the University of Kansas from 1905-1906.

Physical description:
6'0", 200 pounds

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