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Cohen, Sollie

Cohen, a fullback at Ole Miss in the mid-1920s, was named to the Mississippi All-Time Team by football historian Dr. L.H. Baker.

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Career Highlights:
After the University of Mississippi Runnin' Rebels finished with a record of 5-5-0 in 1925, they ended the season with a record of 5-4 the following year. During the season, Ole Miss defeated their arch-rivals, Mississipi A&M (now Mississippi State). Up until 1926, Ole Miss had only registered five wins in the previous 23 football contests between the Rebels and the Bulldogs. So, when Mississippi defeated the Bulldogs, 7-6, a huge celebration ensued.

Ole Miss fans couldn't believe their victory as they'd had 13 consecutive losses since 1910 (they did not play in 1912, 1913 and 1914) and had scored in only three games -- outscored a total of 327-33. Some Rebel fans made a dash for the goal posts. Irate A&M fans took after them with cane bottom chairs, and fights broke out. The mayhem continued until most of the chairs were splintered. The A&M yearbook later explained, "A few chairs had to be sacrificed over the heads of these to persuade them that was entirely the wrong attitude."

Ole Miss and A&M students, shocked by the battle that erupted after the game, vowed that it must not happen again. The result was the Golden Egg, a trophy to cool the heat of battle, instituted in 1927 and still awarded today. The Egg is one of the most treasured possessions of either school and is engraved with the score of each year's game and stands in a place of honor. In 1927, Ole Miss had its best season in Cohen's career, finishing 5-3-1 and once again defeating A&M.

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Career Dates:
Cohen was a fullback at the University of Mississippi from 1925-1927.

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