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Siskind, Edward

Edward S. Siskind

Siskind was the first known Jew to participate in athletics at Fordham, a Jesuit university. He also played baseball and basketball at Fordham. Edward later coached Fordham, with Frankie Frisch (later a Hall of Fame baseball player) on the team.

Birth and Death Dates:
b. May 5, 1886 - d. July 20, 1955

Career Highlights:
In 1918, Siskind became the head football coach at Fordham. In their first four games that year, the Rams defeated their opponents without allowing a point. They lost their final game to a star-studded service team, Camp Merritt, 26-0.

The New York Sun said that Siskind's coaching that season, "...deserves a word of credit for the show made...The Maroon got away to a later start and was handicapped by lack of material and lack of time to practice in. That Siskind welded together the machine he did under the condition well attests to his ability as a coach."


Career Dates:
Siskind played end for Fordham University from 1905-1908. He then coached Fordham in 1918.

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