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Pearlman, Red

Irving Ralph Pearlman

After playing on Pittsburgh's undefeated squad in 1917, Pearlman entered military service for World War I. Upon his return to civilian life, he played professional football and was a member of the 1920 Cleveland Tigers, a charter team of the NFL (then called the American Professional Football Association). In 1921, with Red still a member, the team changed their name to the Indians after signing Jim Thorpe and two other Native-Americans.

Birth and Death Dates:
b. July 29, 1898 - d. November 1985

Career Highlights:
Red was a member of Pitt's undefeated 1917 team. He was good enough to play in the professional ranks for many teams between 1920-1925. In 1920 and 1921, he was a member of Cleveland's NFL franchise, playing in every league game as the team had a combined record that season of 5-9-2. Over the next few years, Red played for independent teams with a brief two game stint for the NFL's Rochester Jeffersons, which went 0-7-0 in 1924.

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Career Dates:
Pearlman played guard at the University of Pittsburgh in 1917. He then played as a guard and tackle in the NFL with the Cleveland Tigers/Indians in 1920-1921, and for the Rochester Jeffersons in 1924. He also played with two independent professional teams: Steubenville in 1923, and Ashland, Kentucky in 1925.

Physical description:
6'0", 195 pounds

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