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Mirmovitch, Yossi

Yosef Mirmovitch

Mirmovitch, although never a tall man, is best remembered for his heading ability. A member of the Israeli National team between 1948-1956 (he appeared in 14 international games), he is also remembered for his excellent partnership with Yehoshua Glazer, a pairing that brought Maccabi Tel Aviv many titles in the 1950s. Mirmovitch was also a crafty and well respected coach and is still a recognized authority on coaching methods.

Birth and Death Dates:

Career Highlights:
Mirmovitch was a loyal member of Maccabi Tel Aviv who played for the team from grade school right up to his retirement. During his career at Maccabi, Yossi helped his club win six league championships and six State Cups. After his playing days ended, Yossi coached Maccabi on several occasions, winning a few titles along the way. He also spent some time coaching the Israeli National team in the 1980s. Today, Yossi is the head of the Israeli Coaches Association and is behind an movement to improve the training methods in the country.

Tel Aviv, Israel


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