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Davidovic, Nir

Davidovic is the regular goalkeeper for Maccabi Haifa and the Israeli national team. He missed most of the 2002-03 season due to a serious muscle tear and in preparation for the 2003-04 season, he aggravated the injury and was out of commission for a while again. Dudu Awat, replaced him for both club and country. Now Nir is back and on top form.

Birth and Death Dates:
b. Dec. 17, 1976

Career Highlights:
Davidovic came up with the Haifa youth system and was considered a major prospect from age nine. He fulfilled that promise and played for the national youth teams of all ages and for Israel's Olympic team. During the 1994-95 season, when Davidovic was just 18, he was promoted to deputy keeper behind then-Israeli international Rafi Cohen.

Many felt Davidovic was already the better player and a year later, Cohen left the team. Another more established goalkeeper was put ahead of him, this time, Bonnie Ginzburg. Bonnie and Nir developed an antagonistic relationship. Though Ginzburg had years more experience, Davidovic eventually gained the upper hand and took over the regular spot.

In 1998 he debuted in the national team and was recognized as the top goalkeeper in the league. That same year he helped Maccabi to the State Cup. In 2000-01, Haifa won the championship and Davidovic conceded a mere 28 goals, by far the lowest in the league.

Nir finally made his comeback at the very end of the 2002-03 season. He was Maccabi Haifa's starting goalkeeper in 2003-04. Davidovic started all 33 of Maccabi's league games, and conceded 25 goals. It was a great comeback season for the goalkeeper as Haifa won the championship by a wide margin and Nir reclaimed a spot in the Israeli national team.

Haifa, Israel


Career Statistics:
30 Israeli caps

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