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Bohr, Harald

Harald August Bohr

The younger brother of Nils Bohr, Harald was the son of a Jewish mother and a Christian father. He studied mathematics at the University of Copenhagen, and gained prominence in Denmark for his soccer skills. When his doctoral dissertation was presented, his public examination had more soccer fans than mathematicians in attendance.

Harald later became professor of mathematics in the Polytechnic Institute in Copenhagen, and while he did not achieve his brother Nils' fame in academia and a place in 20th century history, Harald did publish some important works. Both Bohr brothers fled Denmark after the Nazis occupied the country.

Birth and Death Dates:
b. April 22, 1887 - d. Jan. 22, 1951

Career Highlights:
Bohr, playing for Denmark, won a silver medal in the first Olympic soccer competition at the 1908 Games. He scored two goals in the 9-0 quarterfinal victory over the French "B" team (France sent two soccer teams to the Games that year). In the semifinal match, the powerful Danish team defeated the French "A" team, 17-1. It was the largest differential in international play until 1997 when Iran defeated Maldives, 17-0, in a World Cup qualifier. The Danes lost 2-0 in the 1908 Olympic final to Great Britain (England, Scotland, Wales, and Ireland formed a single team at the Games).

Copenhagen, Denmark

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