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Levin, Chaim

A goalkeeper, Levin played for the Israeli National team in the 1960s (1963-1969), and appeared in 17 international games. Chaim was also a member of the 1968 Olympic team. There is a Chaim Levin goalkeeper school in Israel.

Birth and Death Dates:

Career Highlights:
As his team's starting goalkeeper, Levin was instrumental in the Israeli team's success at the 1968 Olympics, where they reached the quarterfinals and finished fifth in the standings. In their preliminary group, Israel defeated Ghana (5-3) and El Salvador (3-1), and lost to Hungary (2-0). They finished second in the group, though, to advance to the quarterfinals. In that game, Israel tied the Bulgarians 1-1, but a coin toss was used to determine which team would advance to the semifinals. Bulgaria won the toss and eventually captured the bronze medal, while Israel ended up in fifth place in the official standings.


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